Outside Plant Engineering & Design

At FOCUS Communications, we provide Comprehensive Engineering & Design Solutions for all aspects of the telecommunications industry. From providing permit-ready engineering designs for roadway trenching, Fibre Distribution Hubs (FDH) & pedestal placement, manhole, service box & vault placement, bridge & railway crossings, Specific Permit of Occupation (SPO) to traffic safety plans for road or lane closures.

FOCUS designers & field technicians conduct comprehensive field surveys to accurately assess feasibility, the proposed path and to evaluate alternate cable routing options and incorporate measurements into the final project design and construction plans.

  • Roadway Trenching Design
  • Underground Conduit Placement Design
  • FDH & Pedestal Placement Design
  • Manhole, Service Box & Vault Placement Design
  • Pole Placement Design
  • SPO for Pole Mounted Power Supplies
  • Bridge & Railway Crossing Design
  • Traffic Safety Plans

We provide a full set of state-of-the-art engineering & design documents ready for permitting.