Multi-unit Construction

Whether it's a small residential or commercial building or a fifty plus story downtown tower, FOCUS provides comprehensive construction solutions for residential multi-dwelling units (MDU) & commercial multi-tenant units (MTU) as well as for the hospitality industry. The end-to-end construction includes everything for a structured wire build from the splice count at the nearest network access point (NAP) to the distribution hardware requirement in main electrical rooms (MER), secondary electrical rooms (SER) & service closets to placing fibre optic cabling through to the units.

  • Entrance Cable Placement
  • MER/SER Hardware Installation
  • Fibre Cable to Units
  • Fibre Splicing
  • Detailed Finish Work
  • Liaising with Building Owners or Stratas
  • Coordinating with Tenants

We coordinate with the tenants and stratas for times to enter & place the fibre terminations in each unit.