Outside Plant Construction

At FOCUS Communications, we provide Comprehensive Civil Construction Solutions for all aspects of the telecommunications industry. From providing fibre optic, copper & coaxial cable placement, roadway trenching, conduit placement, pole setting, Fibre Distribution Hub (FDH), Rapid Deployment Access Cabinet (RDAC) & pedestal placement, manhole, service box & vault placement, bridge & railway crossings to conventional & directional drilling, FOCUS has the solution for you.

With over 100 vehicles in our fleet from bucket trucks to hydrovac trucks to experienced linemen and highly specialized crew, FOCUS has the equipment, know-how & workforce to get the job done right.

  • Fibre, Copper & Coaxial Cable Placement
  • Underground Conduit Placement & Proofing
  • FDH, RDAC & Pedestal Placement
  • Manhole, Service Box & Vault Placement
  • Pole Setting & Support Structures
  • Conventional & Directional Drilling
  • Bridge, Trestle & Railway Crossings
  • Landscape Removal & Restoration
  • Hydrovac Excavation

With over 40 years in the telecommunications and construction industries, FOCUS Communications has the expertise to deal with any situation.